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Protecting Our Buildings

Saloon Portal BEST[2].jpg
Saloon Mahogany Bar - Copy - Copy[2].jpg
Saloon portal concrete floor[3].jpg
Saloon Amanda cool.jpg

This building was originally the

post office, saloon, barber shop and jail. Recently, we built a portal to replace the decayed loading platform and to protect and  reinforce the front of the building.

Adobe Repairs

This section of adobe wall is part of the original hacienda, and is over 200 years old. In that time, salt from moisture deteriorated the adobe on top of the natural rock foundation and undermined the wall. This "salt decay" is common in these old adobe buildings and is a constant battle for preservation. We removed the old adobe, poured concrete foundation, and using clay from the property, rebuilt the wall so it can carry on for several more centuries. 


Plumbing & Painting

Several other projects were accomplished recently. The L.C. has a way of giving its occupants its own "to do" list no matter what the Ocheltree Foundation has planned for it. We installed a leech field and repaired several septic systems in 2017, painted and replaced window trim and flashing components, and made another apartment ready for Airbnb guests. Latest changes include work on the well that provides water to the entire ranch.

New Old well head 2[2].jpg

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming was a big initiative for 2018. These great trees around the property provide shade for guests and protect the house from the elements, but pose their own threats to the structures. We addressed this immediate risk of large branches and trees damaging the historic buildings. Howard, Jerik, Skyler and Clint, along with equipment donations from J&J signs in Silver City, made this important project a success for 2018.

Tree 4.jpg
Tree Trimming_12018_v2.jpg
Tree Trimming_1218.jpg

preservation efforts

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